Business Climate Survey


The Maryland Business Climate Survey, a project of The Maryland Public Policy Institute and the University of Baltimore in partnership with the Baltimore Business Journal, has been launched to annually take the pulse of the business community in Maryland.

We are asking businesses across Maryland—our state’s most vital resource—questions about what and how policy decisions are affecting their business operations. Through this survey, we’re enhancing public awareness of key competitiveness issues facing the state. We are learning straight from the mouths of Maryland business leaders how we can make Maryland more business friendly.

By surveying approximately 1,000 Maryland businesses, we are gathering data on how policy decisions on things like taxes, regulations, and labor costs are affecting Maryland’s business climate. The survey will be conducted annually so we can analyze how the business climate in Maryland has changed over time.

Through the Business Climate Survey, we’re able to:

  • Take the pulse of our state’s economic vitality and see the direction of Maryland’s economy

  • Understand key issues impacting the business community

  • Gather data on businesses overall perception of Maryland as a place to operate and do business

  • Provide lawmakers and citizens with essential information on how the Maryland business community views the overall attractiveness and competitiveness of the state

This survey, and the subsequent report that will come out of the survey, will be made free to the public. It is only made possible thanks to the support of Maryland citizens that understand the power of hard facts in changing Maryland into a more attractive place for businesses to thrive.

We invite you to support us in our work to revitalize Maryland. 

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